Still Sweater Weather



This is one of my favorite skirts in my closet. The combination of peach and gold with the cinched waist and subtle pleats from the top caught my eye immediately. Another thing that makes it a favorite of mine, is that I wore this skirt to our wedding rehearsal dinner this past September. So  this will be one of those items that I’ll keep in my closet long after it still fits. I’ve been eyeing it recently, wondering how I can make it work when the weather is still a little on the chilly side. In comes a beloved trend I’ve seen popping up everywhere: tucking sweaters into skirts. What better way to be comfy, cute, and warm?

And with that, I give you a goofier side of myself. Well, because, we can’t always pretend to be vogue while perfecting the blue steel face and trying to avoid eye contact with the strangers walking by wondering, “Why is that poor man climbing on those rocks and rolling around in dirt to take pictures of that girl?” Sometimes, we just have to be our silly selves. 🙂




H&M Trench Coat | H&M Sweater | Evernew Skirt | Nine West Heels | H&M Bag | Forever 21 Necklace | Charming Charlie Watch

10 thoughts on “Still Sweater Weather

  1. Jules says:

    You have the cutest style! I love everything about this outfit. All the colors are subtle but sweet and even your hair is styled perfectly for this outfit!

  2. juliemaile says:

    Looking good there with the pastel color combo! Love the background and the sunshine on your face, the makeup is flawless. By the way, your photographer is doing a great job as well ❤

  3. says:

    I really love this outfit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen peach and gold together but it’s so flattering! Once my husband was taking OOTD pictures of me in front of a outdoor sculpture and a bus actually slowed down when it came near us…. Awkward.

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