Rainy Day Essentials

20150427-DSC_0805 20150427-DSC_0841

Living in Vancouver, you definitely learn to appreciate two things. The first is: sunshine, because when it’s sunny here, it’s BE-AU-TIFUL. And the second thing is a great rain jacket.

Here are the essentials that get me through those rainy days:

1. A Solid Rain Jacket. For a city that rains so much, you don’t see THAT many umbrellas. And I am all for this, because I am not the biggest fan of umbrellas. After living in NYC, I developed a secret fear of getting my eyes poked out by one of those unnecessarily pointed tips. Plus, why do umbrellas have to take up so much room?? 😉 I would much prefer a light rain jacket with a hood. I love this jacket because it has a feminine cinch at the waist, nice zipper detailing, and best of all there’s a little hood that can be zipped away.

20150427-DSC_0835  20150427-DSC_0827      20150427-DSC_0807

2. A Pair of “Are those rain boots?” Rain Boots.  I love a cute pair of rain boots that have fun funky designs… but the forecast isn’t always accurate and sometimes that rainy day turns into a beautiful sunny day, which is exactly what happened the day these photos were taken. And when that happens, it’s good to be wearing a versatile boot.

20150427-DSC_0790 20150427-DSC_0786 20150427-DSC_0771  20150427-DSC_0821

3. Hair Texturizing Spray. There’s nothing that can ruin a good hair day like humidity and rain. When this happens, I like to spray my favorite sea salt spray into my hair and give it a scrunch to give my hair some texture and dimension. That way, I turn my frizz into something more manageable. My favorite texturizing spray since cutting my hair short is the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray infused with Dead Sea Salt & Sea Kelp. It can be found at Target and Ulta in the U.S. but I haven’t found it in Canada yet.

20150427-DSC_0832  20150427-DSC_0845

4. My Best Fur-iend. Okay, Toby, our little Corgi is pretty much an every day essential. The handsome little fellow even has his own rain jacket. It’s pretty much normal to see dogs in rain jackets in Vancouver. 🙂

20150427-DSC_0847 20150427-DSC_0869

Zara Jacket | Garage Top | H&M Scarf (similar here) | Grey Skinny Jeans (similar here) | H&M necklace (similar here) | Brown’s B2 Rain Boot (similar styles here)

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