Wishlist: My Valentine’s Day Look

My Ideal Valentine's Day Look
Sometimes, it would be nice to envision that perfect outfit in your eyes and have it appear right in front of you. I’m sure a lot of ladies can relate that when they’re shopping and looking for something in particular, it’s near impossible to find! So I have come up with the idea to have some Wishlist items.
If I could put together a lovey dovey date night look, this would be it! It’s feminine, sexy, but not screaming Valentine’s Day all over it. I love the pop of pink with the Michael Kors shoes (drooool) and the Bite Beauty hot pink lipstick. I felt that with such a strong lip color, a more subtle eye and cheek would balance the look. I’ve heard Bobbi Brown has amazing eye shadows and Nars is most famous for their blushes.
I have an outfit post coming this week with a more unexpected and edgy Valentine’s Day look. I hope you’ll check it out!