Take Me to Paris


I love a good beret. Finding one that doesn’t make me look like there is an awkward mushroom sitting on my head… well, that’s a different story. I was lucky enough to find this beret with a cute little pom-pom on top of it from H&M. Wearing it makes me feel like I’m back in the city of love. Paris was everything I had ever dreamed of and I can’t wait to go back and visit one day. The architecture is so intricate and beautiful, they food is scrumptious, and I could just listen to people speaking French all day. One of these days, we’ll go back. 🙂 But until then, whenever I’m having those yearnings of going back, I’ll pop on my little beret, eat a croissant, some creme brulee, a few macarons, or a couple cream puffs. Wait a minute, this sounds dangerous, maybe I’ll just stick with the beret. 😉



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Still Sweater Weather



This is one of my favorite skirts in my closet. The combination of peach and gold with the cinched waist and subtle pleats from the top caught my eye immediately. Another thing that makes it a favorite of mine, is that I wore this skirt to our wedding rehearsal dinner this past September. So  this will be one of those items that I’ll keep in my closet long after it still fits. I’ve been eyeing it recently, wondering how I can make it work when the weather is still a little on the chilly side. In comes a beloved trend I’ve seen popping up everywhere: tucking sweaters into skirts. What better way to be comfy, cute, and warm?

And with that, I give you a goofier side of myself. Well, because, we can’t always pretend to be vogue while perfecting the blue steel face and trying to avoid eye contact with the strangers walking by wondering, “Why is that poor man climbing on those rocks and rolling around in dirt to take pictures of that girl?” Sometimes, we just have to be our silly selves. 🙂




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DIY Boyfriend Jeans: Styled

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope today is filled with love and spent with those special to you, whether it’s a valentine or all your galentines! 🙂 Thank you for showing me some love and popping by to read.

In one of my recent posts (click here to see), I showed you how to create your own distressed/destroyed boyfriend jeans! I love this trend and especially how  it looks dressed up with a pair of heels. AND, they’re so comfy! I mean, who wants to peel off a pair of skin tight skinny jeans every time they want to wear some denim? 😉 Not me! Here are the finished DIY jeans and how I styled them with some of my thrifted treasures! I was so happy to find these Citizens of Humanity jeans for only $7.99. In fact, this completed look costs well under $100!


By the way, I was NOT in Vancouver when these photos were taken, otherwise I would’ve been freezing my tail off in this outfit. 😉 I came down to Southern California for a family event so I was soaking in some sunshine.

If you want to try this DIY tutorial, click here. Let me know if you try it out!

Thanks for reading! Happy ❤ Day!



Black H&M long sleeve shirt (thrifted) | Bebe Vest (Thrifted) | Citizens of Humanity Jeans turned DIY Distressed (thrifted) | Mossimo Heels from Target | H&M bag

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Jeans in 10 Easy Steps

For some time now, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. I love the relaxed, easygoing feel of these jeans that can easily be dressed up with a pair of great heels. I’ve seen a few I liked, tried on a few more, but alas, I couldn’t find a pair that flattered my frame with the perfect distressed, worn-in details I had been looking for. Then, I had an epiphany! Why not make my own pair of boyfriend jeans?? Off I went to Goodwill for some thrifted finds. It’s been years since the last time I’ve been to a thrift store. It was a little overwhelming at first, but then I remembered how much I love digging for treasure. Then, there they were! A pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans in a medium wash that was one size too big. Slightly distressed but not enough for my ideal “Boyfriend Jeans” look. PERFECT for my little project.

I’ve been having fun with Polyvore and put together some of my favorite boyfriend jeans and heels pairings! I was trying to re-create the jeans on the right from Hollister.

Boyfriend Jeans

Here’s What You’ll Need:


1. A padded envelope (folded in half or thirds depending on the size of the pant leg). Cardstock or a thin wooden block can also be substituted.

2. Sandpaper (medium to course grade; I used medium)

3. A pencil

4. An X-acto Knife

5. Tweezers

Ok! Let’s Begin! 🙂

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Jeans:

1. First, try on your jeans. These look pretty bad on me at the moment, but that’s ok! We can work with them! As a petite girl, I have the problem of most of my pants being too long on me. No worries, because…


2. Boyfriend Jeans look great rolled up! Especially the kind of roll that is not perfectly creased or defined. So give them a roll.


3. Grab your pencil and make a marking at your knee. I chose to only put holes on one knee, but if you’d like you can do both.


4. Now take off your jeans and slip your folded padded envelope, card stock or your thin block of wood into the pant leg that you want to cut.


5. Now grab your X-acto knife. *PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Make sure you have parent supervision if you’re under 18* Cut the area of jeans that you marked with your pencil. Make sure you only cut what is above your padded envelope. Your longest cut should be at the center of your knee because this is naturally where the jeans would rip the most. I made a total of 4 cuts that were between 1/4 to 1/2 an inch apart. The cut I made that was closest to the top of the pant was very short, in order to recreate other torn jeans I’d seen and loved.20140210-DSC_235020140210-DSC_235620140210-DSC_2364

6. Make any other cuts wherever you’d like. Make sure you have your padded envelope inside the pant leg!


7. Take your sandpaper and rub against areas that normally have wear and tear like the edges of pockets or coin pockets. Also use your sandpaper to rub against smaller areas that you cut with your exacto knife. This will cause the blue threads to come out and leave behind the horizontal white threads. This is the look you’re going for!



8. Pull apart some horizontal white threads until you can see the visible blue vertical threads. Grab your tweezers and pull out your vertical blue threads.20140210-DSC_238720140210-DSC_0004

9. Keep pulling out those blue threads! Once you’re finished it will look something like this. 20140210-DSC_0007
10. Now throw them in the washer and dryer and you’re done!

Here’s the finished look! In an upcoming post, I’ll show you how I styled my DIY boyfriend jeans.20140210-DSC_0114

Now you’re ready to create your own distressed boyfriend jean! Have some fun!



Playing with Peplum








Since peplum resurfaced the fashion scene circa 2012, I knew I had to get my hands on one, maybe two, ok fine, maybe I have three. Although at first, your boyfriend/husband may be thinking, “Why is there a skirt on your shirt…?”, don’t fret. This piece has the ability to make your waist look smaller and add some curves where they may not exist. Not only that, it has a magical way of hiding our food babies after a delicious meal. 😉 Peplums pair wonderfully with a high waisted pencil skirt for a sophisticated look. But sometimes, I like to pair them with a more edgy outfit for that added feminine touch. And hey, this particular peplum really does add that feminine touch with the giant heart cut-out on the back. So if you’re feeling like you want to dress up for Valentine’s Day without going with the obvious red or pink, maybe heart cut-outs are the way to go. 🙂

If you’re on the petite side, be careful about where the smallest part of the peplum hits on your body. You want it to hit at the smallest part of your waist for the most flattering effect. Any higher and it’ll look like you stole a child’s dress, any lower and you’ll be elongating your torso and shortening your legs. Hope you have some fun with peplum!



Top from Mystique Boutique in NYC | Ouniya Faux Leather Jacket from YesStyle | TopShop Aztec Jeans | Aldo Heels | Forever 21 Necklace | Zara Bag

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Wishlist: My Valentine’s Day Look

My Ideal Valentine's Day Look
Sometimes, it would be nice to envision that perfect outfit in your eyes and have it appear right in front of you. I’m sure a lot of ladies can relate that when they’re shopping and looking for something in particular, it’s near impossible to find! So I have come up with the idea to have some Wishlist items.
If I could put together a lovey dovey date night look, this would be it! It’s feminine, sexy, but not screaming Valentine’s Day all over it. I love the pop of pink with the Michael Kors shoes (drooool) and the Bite Beauty hot pink lipstick. I felt that with such a strong lip color, a more subtle eye and cheek would balance the look. I’ve heard Bobbi Brown has amazing eye shadows and Nars is most famous for their blushes.
I have an outfit post coming this week with a more unexpected and edgy Valentine’s Day look. I hope you’ll check it out!

Little Black Skirt











In my opinion, you can never have too many LBD’s (little black dresses). Although I am making a conscious effort to add more color into my wardrobe, I will always love wearing black. I would describe my style as feminine with a little bit of edge. I love girly details, so naturally I love skater skirts, high heels, bows, and have always had an affinity towards lace. Mix that up with some leather or studs, and I am a happy girl.



Forever 21 Top | Forever 21 Faux Leather Skirt | EverNew Blazer | Aldo Heels | Michael Kors Clutch